About Us

The Portuguese Association of Classical Osteopathy – APOC is an association that has as its reason for existence the challenge of spreading and promoting the practice of Classical Osteopathy according to its founders A. T. Still & J. M. Littlejohn in the most varied areas of knowledge.


Professional, the Portuguese Association of Classical Osteopathy – APOC’s mission is to ensure and defend the good clinical practices of all its members by promoting/organizing national and international events in the area of Classical Osteopathic Medicine in Portugal.

Social, the Portuguese Association of Classical Osteopathy – APOC has as one of its main missions the provision of social solidarity actions.



by the individuality and by the specifics of each associate and person involved.


, objectively, in accordance with the legislation in force, favoring the development of services and social and other quality responses.


to those who need it most, in a logic of combating phenomena of poverty and all kinds of social exclusion.


to provide a service of excellence, always oriented, for people and their needs.


to be an integral part of this team and of this Institution.

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