Webinar Alexandre Cordeiro | 20 June 2022 | 21h00 WEST time

Food supplementation and herbal medicine as a "weapon" for pain and inflammation

What shows us the latest evidence in the neuro-musculoskeletal condition.


The role of osteopathy in acute or chronic cases is (among others) to decrease pain and inflammation, stimulating healing and tissue repair.

According to Ordinance n.º 207-B/2014, the osteopath must be able to “provide information to users and the public with a view to promoting health and preventing diseases, namely through counseling on correct postures, physical exercise and eating habits”.

Nutritional deficiencies can have a strong correlation with musculoskeletal pain and in that an anti-inflammatory diet can be the first and biggest step towards improving our ability to regenerate and recover. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are widely used in medicine as a treatment for virtually all musculoskeletal disorders, but other therapeutic approaches, such as dietary supplementation, may be advised by osteopaths as a way to complement this entire recovery process.

About the Speaker

Researcher at IPLUSO, Research Center in Health Sciences and Technologies – NICiTeS – of the Ribeiro Sanches School of Health (ERISA). Doctoral candidate in “Physical Education and Sport”, branch of Physical Activity and Health at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of ULHT. Master in “Exercise and Well-being”, in the Exercise, Nutrition and Health branch from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at ULHT.

Diploma in Osteopathy – Professional Card No. 0100288 – ACSS
Diploma in Naturopathy – Professional Card No. 0300096 – ACSS

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